Rules and Warnings


  • ALL BIKES ALLOWED e.g. you can race your mountain bike.
  • All participants must sign a waiver
  • Riders must wear ANSI approved helmets and wear them at all times when riding a bicycle
  • You should sign up for an age group based on your age on Dec 31, 2013.
  • Riders must carry at least one spare tubes, a patch kit, a pump (either manual or carry extra cartidges), and a multi-tool. A quick link, a chain breaker, and a tire boot are suggested.
  • Ensure your bottle cages can handle rough roads. Do not use seatpost-mounted “rocket launcher” bottle cages or you may injure a following rider. Hydration packs are suggested.
  • Stay to the right side of the road and do not cross the center line. The course uses many narrow roads that are open to traffic, and people tend to drive down the middle of the road, and there are leaf peepers and lost tourists not watching where they are going
  • Cancellation, postponement or re-routing of course due to dangerous conditions at the discretion of land owners, law enforcement, and the promoter.


  • The course will require dismounting your bicycle and fording a river. If the water is more than knee deep, or is running dangerously fast, the course will be re-routed. The Little Three Peaks Gravel FUNdo does not include a river crossing.
  • Variable weather conditions leading up to or on the day of the event may result in extreme riding conditions.
  • This is an extremely challenging event that will test your fitness, handling skills, and your bicycle. The rider and bicycle should be in top condition before attempting this race.
  • Much of the course is on public and private roadways that are open to traffic – stay to the side of the roadway at all times.
  • The course includes several very steep, technical descents where participants have clocked speeds in excess of 50 MPH. On unpaved roads. If you fly off a switchback and no one sees you, the bears will find you before we know you are missing. Think about that.
  • Much the course is on unpaved roads and trails that may be extremely rough, covered in deep potholes, rocks, downed trees, and other obstacles. Expect the paved roads to have gravel, sand, roadkill, and other dangerous debris.
  • The course is extremely complex and while every effort is being made to mark the course with consistent signage, with dozens of course marshals and public safety officers directing traffic, you are ultimately responsible to find your way home. Rely on your cue sheet, and do not blindly follow the rider ahead of you.
  • This race will be epic.
  • Do not quit.

Race Series Scoring:

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